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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Pizza has got to be our favorite food.  Its pretty hard to beat.  Crust, meat, cheese- yum!  

Today was a beautiful day.  It was sunny, yet a little cooler than it had been (low 80's) and our Dutch Ovens were calling us.  Erin had planned on grilling hamburgers for supper tonight, but we just couldn't ignore that 12" Dutch Oven calling "Use Me!"

So, since we had the hamburger set out already, that became our inspiration for the pizza.  We also had some bacon on hand that we could use... so what better than a Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza.

We weren't sure what to do for the sauce.  Looking around the web, some people use regular pizza sauce and others use barbeque sauce.

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
12" Dutch Oven, turned upside down
Enough coals to completely cover the top, 10 coals on bottom 

What you need:

Shortening to grease pan
A little cornmeal
1/2 recipe of pizza crust prepared (Our recipe here)
1/4-1/3 cup barbeque sauce of your prefernce
1/4 pound ground beef, browned
6-7 slices bacon, cooked until crispy and broken into 1/2" pieces
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
3-4 green onions (depending on size), thinly sliced

With some shortening, grease the lid of your dutch oven (if your duch oven lid doesn't lend to being flipped upside down, you could make this in the bottom of your D.O.) and then sprinkle it with a little cornmeal.  Spread the pizza dough into the prepared lid.  We prefer a thin curst, so we make it with a half recipe of dough.  If you like a thicker crust, you could use the whole recipe.

Top the dough with sauce, meats, cheeses, and green onions. 

Next, we placed the base of the Dutch oven on top as the lid and then put coals underneath and on top in the ratio mentioned above.  Because our 12" Dutch oven is a "deep" one, we probably used more coals than a shallower D.O. used the same way would need.  Lets see... it looks like we maybe used 21 or 22 coals on top?

We cooked our pizza about 30 minutes rotating the bottom and top in opposite quarter turns every 10 minutes or so.  When it was done, we carefully slid the pizza out of our Dutch oven lid, which is tricky since the lid has a lip, so that we could cut it easily.  Boy, this sure was good. 

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  1. Great recipe, I'm gonna have to try that and I never thought to turn the oven upside down like that.

    Here is my simple Boy Scout Dutch Oven Pizza: First I go to the local pizzaria and bum some crust off of them (or offer to pay a few bucks for it), I line the oven (right side up) with aluminum foil and and sprinkle in corn meal so it doesn't stick. I use Hunt's Garlic and Herb spaghetti sauce, sprinkle mozzerella cheese on top and then top with whatever toppings are wanted. Cook with about 8 coals on bottom and 12-14 on top for about 30 minutes.

    The Scouts love it and think I'm some sort of wizard for cooking pizza on a campout. The alum foil makes it easy to pull out the pizza and doubles as a "plate". We usually do one pizza per boy. A medium pizza dough from Hungry Howies or Domino's makes a "Chicago style" thick crust pizza in a 12" oven. I also use the same recipe to make a calzone by just folding the crust over and pinching it closed. Baste with a little olive oil and pinch of oregano or garlic salt for extra flavor.

    thanks for all the great recipe's and keep it up!